Nitrogen Generation Systems for Commercial Use

25th October 2013

Nitrogen has many commercial uses. The element has applications both in gas and liquid form. Nitrogen can be used to make ammonia which is a key ingredient in fertiliser. It also makes nitric acid, which is used in the explosives, metal, and woodwork industries. Liquid nitrogen, famous for its incredibly low temperature, is often used as a coolant, useful for transporting food, and storing biological samples.

Nitrogen is used in many industries, including for aerospace, engineering, transport, health care and pharmaceutical purposes. For companies requiring large volumes of nitrogen for the production, storage, or transportation aspects of their business, it is far more cost-effective to generate nitrogen on site than it is to buy it in bulk from a supplier. Nitrogen generation systems allow companies to supply themselves with this vital resource, which is freely available in the atmosphere.

Nitrogen in the atmosphere

Nitrogen accounts for almost 80% of the composition of air. Oxygen accounts for just under 21%, with all the other elements which make up air collectively comprising less than 1%. Nitrogen is readily available in the atmosphere for those who have the technology to isolate it.

Generating nitrogen

In order to generate pure nitrogen, it must be separated from the other elements that make up air. There are two types of nitrogen generation systems; absorption and membrane. The absorption technology revolves around binding the unwanted molecules of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide to an absorbent, while the nitrogen is free to pass through. Membrane nitrogen generation systems used the difference in velocity between different elements to separate them at high pressure through a fibrous membrane.

Absorption generators tend to produce nitrogen that is purer than that produced by membrane generators, and also in higher quantities.

Compressed air in nitrogen generation

The higher the quality of the compressed air being used, the purer the end product from the nitrogen generation systems will be. For uses in industries such as food packaging, it is vital that the end product is as oxygen free as possible. Nitrogen purity from these systems is around 98 to 99.5%. Using the best quality air compressor makes sure that the air is as free from contaminants and impurities as it can possibly be. Choosing the right air compressor, and keeping it regularly maintained and serviced, will ensure that your nitrogen generation systems can continue to produce nitrogen with the highest level of purity possible.

Compressed air and nitrogen generation systems from AFS Limited

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