Could Compressed Air Systems Give You a More Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Business?

19th December 2013

It cannot have escaped your attention that the issue of energy is one that is debated by businesses and consumers alike. Several issues have combined to create something of a headache for business owners. The rapid depletion of our natural resources means that the methods of powering our factories, warehouses, and shops can no longer be taken for granted.

And with concerns about global warming comes a heightened expectation for companies to be as environmentally responsible as they can. There are usually several problems facing companies when it comes to change, however. Even those businesses who are committed to being sustainable and environmentally responsible have difficulties. One of these difficulties is finding an alternative energy source to power their manufacturing.

For manufacturing businesses, switching to a more environmentally friendly energy source need not be a highly complicated undertaking.

Compressed air systems – manufacturing a highly sustainable energy source

Several problems face businesses when it comes to the energy they use. Where the energy comes from is one concern; does it come from sustainable sources, or are we rapidly using up a commodity which cannot be replenished? As well as the problem of sourcing our energy, we then need to take into account any by-products of using that energy. Many of the power sources we use today, such as fossil fuels and nuclear power, have, or can have, highly damaging effects on the environment and atmosphere of our planet.

Using compressed air systems in manufacturing not only has many benefits in terms of improving the quality of production, it also has environmental benefits. The benefits of compressed air as an energy source are threefold.


Many energy sources, such as coal and natural gases, require complex and pollutant operations to find them, harvest them, and transport them to where they are needed. Compressed air systems use only a highly accessible, widely available energy source that anyone can access for free.

Energy Generation

Compressing air in order to use it to power machinery does require a little electricity. However, methods of compressing air are advancing more and more, meaning that the amount of energy required is constantly decreasing. Although it does require some electricity to generate compressed air, this is still much more responsible and sustainable than the large usage of powering machinery entirely through electricity.

By Products

Compressed air has no harmful by-products. In fact, it is used in many food production environments because it is clean and safe. It can be used to make bakery products such as bread, or more perishable food items. It is odourless, and does not discolour anything it touches, and with the right air filtration systems contains no unwanted particles.