Leak audit and energy saving program saves firm £70,000 a year

Leak audit and energy saving program saves firm £70,000 a year

One of the UK’s largest cereal and snack manufacturers.


The survey carried out by AFS Ltd included tracing and detecting leaks of all pipe-work across the half a square mile plant using state-of-the-art Alpine ultrasonic detection equipment.

“Providing such significant savings whilst delivering plant efficiency is no easy task, but AFS made it all seem so clear cut and easy to implement”.

The equipment (a standard part of AFS’s maintenance tools) detects compressed air leaks by measuring audible sounds in decibels. This data is converted into cubic feet per minute measurements, allowing AFS to calculate potential energy savings through the  repair each individual leak.


The survey also enabled the client to identify which correctly sized compressors were required in order to power their newly optimised systems, thus saving on future equipment acquisition costs.

Blocking leaks might seem like a straight forward process, but don’t forget that our plant had to be fully operational at all times of their review.

At the end of the audit a report was presented to the client. The detailed report itemised where all the leaks had been detected with each leak photographed, tagged and prioritised for repair in order of size.

AFS had identified potential savings of £70,000 per year at the plant.

The careful and diligent approach from AFS is only matched by their professional, positive and energised response. We’re delighted to have them as a supplier.

Services Provided
  • Energy savings audit
  • Leak detection
  • Leak repair
Customer Benefits
  • Plant efficiency
  • Optimised generators
  • Energy savings
  • Lower acquisition costs
Processes Covered
  • Alpine ultra sonic detection
  • Leak analysis
  • Cost reduction reports
  • Leak repairs
  • Pipe work efficiency
  • Total savings to client: £70,000 per year
Project Notes
  • Two week audit process covering half a square mile plant
  • Energy savings begin as soon as the first leak was repaired
  • The most suitable generators are now installed to supply the plant