Heat recovery system saves manufacturer £20,000 per year

Heat recovery system saves manufacturer £20,000 per year

Saving one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers £20,000 per year through an innovative heat recovery system


To recycle heat energy from a primary food product wash process. The original waste water stream at 80oc was put to effluent drain.

AFS were tasked with designing a system to recover the energy stored in the hot waste water process and channel it back for secondary use within the manufacturing program. Recovery of this source of energy would generate a short term payback on the project and would provide a substantial cost saving.


An automatic, self cleaning wedge wire filter system was designed to handle 40 cubic meter’s per hour of waste process hot water. The heavy loading of suspended solids were removed by the filter system, allowing cleaned hot water to pass through a secondary heat exchanger, where energy was transferred to a further part of the manufacturing process. The system provided an 80% energy recovery, with an approximate saving of £20,000 per year. An additional benefit was the self cleaning system, carefully chosen by AFS, ensured longer periods between maintenance and expensive exchanger strip downs.

Services Provided
  • System design and project planning
  • Equipment identification and installation
  • Water purification and filtration
Customer Benefits
  • Energy cost reduction
  • Ongoing service and support
  • 40 Cubic meters of waste process water filtered per hour
  • 80% of energy recovered through heat exchanger
  • Energy savings of £1700 per month