Savings and efficiency for global electronic engineering company

Savings and efficiency for global electronic engineering company

A leading global electronic engineering company that specialises in providing innovative solutions.


During their manufacturing process the client requires vacuum pumps to hold electronic circuit boards in place.

The client requested AFS review their current vacuum pump system which at the time consisted of three full duty pumps and an additional pump available for peak demand. These pumps were connected by pipe work split in two across the plant.

AFS carried out a complete overview of the whole system and delivered a detailed report outlining how the plant could drastically reduce operation costs.


By ensuring the numerous vacuum pumps were serviced correctly and therefore optimised for performance, AFS could reduce the number of pumps from four to one.

Not only would this have a significant cost reduction on service and maintenance, but also a reduction in energy used at the plant.

“The results AFS delivered are clear for everyone to see. They have delivered efficiency in abundance to our plant.”

After consolidating the plants split pipe work into one united system AFS enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Overall, Advance Filtration Systems were able to deliver annual electricity saving of £10,000.

In addition they reduced pump operating temperatures from 30°C to 23°C and reduced noise levels from 85db to 76db meaning that the plant area no longer require PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

Their professionalism, attitude and versatility is certainly impressive but what makes for a perfect suppliers is their attitude and approachability.

Services Provided
  • System analysis and review
  • Monthly service and maintenance
  • Vacuum pump and pipe work overhaul
  • System efficiency
Customer Benefits
  • Annual electricity saving of £10,000
  • Pump operating temperature reduced from 30°C to 23°C
  • Noise levels reduced from 85db to 76db
Processes Covered
  • Plant design and systems engineering
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Ongoing service and support
  • Four pump usage reduced to single pump
  • Merged pipe work enhances efficiency
  • Monthly service schedule
  • Noise protection equipment no longer required
Project Notes
  • Client now highlights this project to all other UK plants as an example of manufacturing efficiency
  • It only took AFS one week to compile the report which saves the client thousands of pounds each year