British Retail Consortium (BRC) solution for major food manufacturer

When one of the countries largest food manufacturing consortium’s recently made the decision to expand their biscuits and savory snacks portfolio to the North West, they called on the expertise of Advance Filtration Systems right from the word go.

The ClientThe Client:

One of the countries largest food manufacturing consortium’s.

The RequirementThe Requirement:

The client recently made the decision to expand their biscuit and savory snacks portfolio to the North West.

The ProjectThe Project:

AFS were tasked to design, install and maintain the plants compressed air systems which are an integral part of the food manufacturing process. A critical element to the clients operations.

If you take into consideration the volume of products manufactured every day at this plant, then you can quickly identify that if our compressed air system was ever compromised, we would be at risk of not delivering to our customers.

The solution:

During the early planning stages it was important that AFS selected the right equipment in order to continually maintain British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards.

BRC guidelines are in place to certify that during the manufacturing process, food does not become contaminated. AFS had to devise a system and a set of measures to ensure any compressed air generated and used in the manufacturing process was free from the slightest impurity.

The monitoring systems provided by AFS ensures the highest standards are met. This is where AFS are strong, we are confident that this aspect of the plant is in good hands and we don’t have to worry.

Even the smallest presence of oil or moisture in compressed air can cause contamination to food and spoil the manufacturing process. For this reason alone the overall success of the plants operation was focused on AFS continually achieving BRC guidelines.

The ResultThe Result:

The right selection of compressors, purification and filtration equipment for the new plants main compressor house was critical to the success of the project. Filters and dryers were selected to be used in point of contact areas, where any food came into direct contact with the plants compressed air system.

It’s at these points that AFS constantly measure the purity of the compressed air generated and log all data in order to comply with BRC guidelines. In addition AFS provide quarterly inspection and testing services to ensure BRC standards are continually met.

AFS also keep all documentation and certificates up-to-date, providing peace of mind and continual reassurance to the client.

AFS are such a positive and robust team it’s hard to think of running our plant without their help, expertise and guidance.

Services Provided

  • Equipment identification and installation
  • Compressed air generation and purification
  • Continual service, support and maintenance

Customer Benefits

  • BRC guidelines met
  • Plant productivity
  • Peace of mind
  • Continual reassurance

Processes Covered

  • Plant design and systems engineering
  • Compressed air generators
  • Compressed air filters
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Constant analysis


  • Up to 5 tonnes of cake is produced at the plant each day
  • Up to 8158m3 of compressed air is used each day

Project Notes

  • BRC guidelines require – 40ºC dew point
  • AFS also provide energy saving services