Compressed air system audit for Aerospace components manufacturer

Compressed air system audit for Aerospace components manufacturer

Audit the client’s existing eleven on-site high pressure compressors.

A UK company specialising in the design and manufacture of composite aerostructures, tooling, repair and overhaul for both the commercial and military aerospace industry.

Audit the clients existing eleven on-site high pressure compressors.


In order to to deliver structural strength and maximum environmental performance to their manufacturing process, the client required 11 on-site high pressure compressors (or Autoclaves / Large pressure vessels).

The clients brief was to audit existing compressor service and maintenance contracts usage and provide a solution that maximised compressor efficiencies and consolidated the overall compressor system.


AFS immediately recognised that many of the existing compressors were not receiving accurate servicing schedules as outlined by their respective manufacturer guidelines.

AFS have looked after our compressed air requirements for a good number of years now. We are 100% confident with their service and it’s reassuring to know that our manufacturing process will run smoothly with little down time.

In fact AFS identified that with more precise and prudent servicing schedules, they could reduce annual servicing costs by 17%.

In addition AFS recommended a series of internal connecting pipe work and valve systems to further maximise production efficiencies.

By consolidating all on-site compressor units into one united system, AFS have provided an effective and efficient system able to meet the demands of the clients intense manufacturing process.

On top of this AFS have also delivered savings into the business. Professional, clear talking and down-the-line we enjoy working with AFS and we hope to continue a long and fruitful relationship with them.

Services Provided
  • System analysis and review
  • Monthly service and maintenance
  • Scheduled compressor overhauls
  • Pipe work and valve systems merged
Customer Benefits
  • Efficient service and maintenance schedules
  • 17% annual service costs reduction
  • Consolidated system lowing operating costs
  • Increased manufacturing process uptime
Processes Covered
  • Plant design and systems engineering
  • Compressed air generators
  • Ongoing service and support
  • Eleven compressors used on-site
  • Compressors manufacturers vary greatly
  • AFS are able to service and maintain them all
  • Start, stop on demand compressed air