Bakery with BRC standards compliant compressed air solution

Bakery with BRC standards compliant compressed air solution

Over two million loaves of bread are processed through AFS systems every week at the Manchester based Fine Lady Bakery.


The Heygates Group decided to construct a new bakery in the North West. In order to complete the project they required a compressed air solution which fully complied with BRC standards.

In a chance meeting between AFS Managing Director Andy Ryan, and Heygates Group Chief Engineer, Clive Cope, Advance Filtration Systems were able to demonstrate and put forward their commitment, quality of service and a capacity to deliver a finished compressed air system installation on-time and on budget.

“The technical ability, support and locality of Advance Filtration Systems made them the ideal supplier and partner on this project.”


AFS’ proposed plan was to install a full energy efficient system generating 2,000 CFM of compressed air which could be processed, filtered and dried to -40° dew point (food grade quality air adhering to BRC guidelines)

The main compressors were designed with heat recovery technology which utilises reclaimed hot waste as an energy source, thus providing energy efficiency and lower running costs. In addition all machines were variable speed driven meaning  they constantly run at maximum efficiency.

Over two million loaves of bread are processed through AFS systems every week at the Manchester based Fine Lady Bakery.

AFS put forward a 5 year fixed cost service and maintenance contract on all equipment which also covers spare parts. All equipment provided in the project would come with a 5 year warranty enabling the Heygates Group to have a set fixed cost price for the bakeries next 5 years of operation.

“They have provided us with an energy efficient, 5 year warranted package with full maintenance including all spare parts, giving us total clarity of project costs.”

Advance Filtration Systems proposed solution and overall package meant they were first choice for the project, beating a number of other suppliers to the account, including the incumbent suppliers for the Heygates Groups Oxford based bakery.

Fifteen weeks after getting the go ahead the project was installed, tested and up and running.

“Andy and his team have been a superb choice for us and they have provided a standard of service which puts them in a league of their own”

Services Provided
  • System design and project planning
  • Full site installation
  • Food grade quality compressed air
Customer Benefits
  • BRC guidelines met
  • Fixed cost proposal
  • 5 year warranty
  • Energy efficient system
Processes Covered
  • Plant design and systems engineering
  • Compressed air generators
  • Compressed air filters
  • Compressed air dryers
  • Ongoing service and support
  • Over 2,000,000 loaves of bread produced each week
  • BRC guidelines met (-40° dew point)
  • Heat recovery systems in place alongside VSD technology
Project Notes
  • AFS were chosen ahead of a number of other suppliers including the current supplier to Haygate Groups Oxford based bakery