05th May 2016

AFS were required to supplement the plants current water heating generation with a compressed air heat recovery system.

AFS audited Kinnerton Confectionery’s compressed air consumption to determine the optimal replacement conguration.

As a result, two 55 kilowatt compressors (CompAir L55RS) were installed, one running at variable speed and one standby. By using a variable speed main compressor, AFS were able to immediately reduce the plants electrical consumption.

A heat recovery system was supplied with the new air compressors. Energy was recovered in the form of hot water which could be utilised in other manufacturing processes.

By significantly reducing the plants carbon footprint, supporting the clients ongoing CSR targets, additional energy was recovered that can be used in multiple other plant processes all with zero plant production disruption.

AFS helped Kinnerton to save £12,500 per year on energy bills by using he smart heat recovery technology on the plants compressed air units.

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