AFS is enjoying a sweet taste of success!

08th July 2014

The compressed air & liquid filtration specialists AFS are enjoying a sweet taste of success having delivered an innovative solution to a large UK chocolate manufacturer.

The company was commissioned by Kinnerton confectionery to support a £140,000 investment in improving process consistency and food safety at their site in North Yorkshire. Kinnerton specialises in character licensing, producing private label and bespoke confectionery for major retailers and brands.

AFS’s brief was to design and deliver a special chocolate filter to help Kinnerton meet stringent standards set by the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

The solution filters an average of two cubic meters of chocolate per hour and was delivered complete with replaceable 1000 micron stainless steel mesh basket filters. Because the coarse chocolate is cut into fine powder during the production process, a gauze magnet is contained within the filter to remove any metal particulate which may remain.


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