Advances at AFS Limited

11th September 2017

New website, graduate intake and project awards confirm growth at AFS limited.

This spring saw the launch of our new website. With a personal interface AFS wanted to demonstrate their capabilities to businesses whilst highlighting some of their great achievements. The new site features a mix of examples of our services, solutions and key case studies they’ve carried out to help businesses save money. Progression, customer service and support are the corner stones of our journey, both for staff and clients alike.

Currently project installations and service contracts are increasing as AFS moves forward in a positive direction. Our team are working on opportunities that can be seen in the manufacturing and service sector, irrespective of the varying views on the sector and the economy.

As growth continues our key driver is to deliver high standards of service, support and knowledge to our clients. Ensuring AFS produce benefits that safeguard production reliability and demonstrate potential operating cost reductions for their customers. Welcoming new member to our team, James Wilkinson was an important appointment to ensure AFS increase sales and service are focussed around maintaining customer satisfaction.

A positive approach inside AFS and the manufacturing sector still provides opportunities for the future.

For more details on what we’ve been up to, and what we can do for you please call us 0161 848 0777 or email